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Today's Insanity

How can this have happened TWICE??

If you recall, I recently reissued my novel with a new Cover Image. What you don't know is that getting the paperback version was a long and painful ordeal with my graphic artist. At one point, I actually thought I was NEVER going to get it. Seriously. I thought the woman was incapable of doing it.

But then she did it! It was done, and I was happy. All was forgiven!

I uploaded the file. I ordered my author's copy. And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The box arrived, and I eagerly opened the package with my husband poised to celebrate.

Only, the books inside were the old ones with the OLD COVER. I contacted the place that shall remain nameless but sounds like a certain river in South America, and after many attempts to be understood, I finally got them to refund those books without me returning the ones they had sent me. (I couldn't return them, because if I do, the next person to order my novel would be issued my returns, and that would be horrible!) I had to reorder, because they couldn't just do that for me. So I paid over $40 extra for expedited ONE DAY SHIPPING for 11 books, and I waited.

And waited.

Five days later, the tracking code says the order has arrived.

"You want the good news or the bad news?" Steve asks me.

Then he hands over a small package.

"Oh well," I think. "One book is better than nothing!"

When I open the package, once again I see the old, familiar cover. It was the OLD COVER again!

Back to that South American river-place I went.

I think I went through at least six different Customer Service members... some who left me immediately after introducing themselves.

Here's an actual conversation I had with one of them:

Customer Service

I'm sorry for the delay.

Do you want me to cancel the items?

Those are still pending to be delivered.


Are they the right ones or the wrong ones?

If they are the right ones, I want them ASAP.

Customer Service

I suggest you to try from the other seller.



Amazon is the ONLY seller

Customer Service

Can you please check the link


I did. I'm there now.

Customer Service

Yes, it is sold by a third party seller. There are number of sellers on Amazon.


OMG this is terrible news!

So how do I know if all these sellers are printing the new cover or old cover?

And one is selling it for $12.62? How does that work? I did not approve it to be sold for that amount!

She disappeared immediately after that. The next one had an interesting, but pathetic solution after getting up to speed.

Customer Service

I will help youwith $1\ 3

With $13


What are you talking about?

Customer Service

I will credit you to your amazon account


That's when Steve walked in and saw my face.

Hysterical laughter followed. (Probably more of a maniacal cackle on my part, no doubt.)

Luckily, the 6th Customer Service person put in a ticket and I am now waiting to see if I will EVER get my new paperback book AT ALL.

Confidence is low.

But the wine is good.

Am I insane to even hope this will get resolved?


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