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Notion Waves - the Trilogy


The Notion Waves series explores the concomitant losses of freedom and individuality that can result from blindly following popular opinion.  This original series includes oddities that appear paranormal at first (including two teenagers who communicate telepathically, a Government that uses subliminal wavelengths to control the masses, and casual hologram-use that is used for 2-way conversation), but all are explained by technology on the cusp of availability today.  All three books promise fast-paced action, balanced with a thoughtful, and often humorous, examination of how our perceptions influence our values. 

The Waves of Dissonance (Notion Waves): Clark, Andrea: 9798694618182: Books

The Waves of Dissonance


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The debut novel is a 3-day futuristic glimpse at New America, where mind control is being used to wage political (and actual) war between the sexes.

Kat Buford has never seen a man. Not even a photo. Thanks to Waverly Nelson's Adrays and the MA'AM Revolution (the Movement Against Aggressive Men), she grew up in an all-female society east of the Mississippi River where she can’t even download "male" photos. Today, however, on her eighteenth birthday, all that will change. Her secret rendezvous across the border will reveal a truth that threatens to destroy both her and her society.


Read an excerpt, below.

In a world divided by differences, Kat and Jordan were bound by a mental thread of consciousness neither understood, nor could fully explain. He had simply always been there, this other “voice” inside Kat's head, saying things no one else could hear and no one else believed.


Like in kindergarten, for instance. When Jordan had helped Kat report on where baby cows came from, Kat had barely gotten to the part where the bull mounts the cow before her blushing teacher had yanked her off the stage.

“Male and female cows mating?” the teacher had scoffed, dragging Kat by the ear to the principal’s office. “What nonsense!”


Then, a year later, when Jordan had helped Kat recite the Lord’s Prayer for her fourth-grade poetry reading assignment, the same teacher had been horrified.

“‘Our Father,’ indeed!” she had scolded.



The Pearls of Dissonance
The Prequel
The River of Dissonance
The Sequel

The story of Cis-Star's creation.

Pearl's first man, Adam, may also be her last. Follow Pearl Nelson, New America's brilliant young scientist, as she is pursued by an outside government bent on obtaining her new "mind-control" device at all cost. 


Has the man in her life been sent here to steal her new creation? Can she trust him? 

The story of those now awakened .

River Jordan must make a stand against the Adrays once and for all. Follow the Rebellion's quest for freedom as they force all of New America to make a choice to either come together or die apart.

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