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9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

The Waves of Dissonance didn't win... but after reading the Judge's comments, below, I don't feel so bad.

Here's what the Judge had to say:

●"Your voice and writing style is perfect for a book in this genre."

●"You demonstrate the best and worst in humanity in a gritty, yet compassionate narrative. Well done!"

●"Readers of dystopian fiction will enjoy this book very much. It offers thought-provoking concepts, a warning of what could be if we're not careful, and a cast of characters that will stay with you long after you've finished the book."

●"I enjoyed the originality of the plot and the quick pace."

●"It paints a frightening glimpse into the future, coupled with the pursuit of revenge that is relentless."

●"From the opening pages, I was immediately drawn into the spellbinding plotlines."

●"Love the cover. Very provocative."

●"The twists and turns of the plot held my interest. I found myself liking some characters, loathing others. Which is good because it showed how engaged I was in

the story."

●"You also provided some thought-provoking concepts about humanity and the state of the world we create."

●"I enjoyed the characters. As I said above, I found myself hating some, while rooting for others. That shows how well you crafted the characters that could evoke such emotions. They were compelling and well fleshed out."

And... in all the following categories, the Judge graded my novel Exemplary!! Woo hoo!! 💙

○Structure, Organization, Pacing

○Production Quality & Cover Design

○Plot, Story, or Topic Appeal

○Character Appeal & Development

○Voice and Writing Style

Honestly, I knew it was a long shot to win, so I wasn't surprised that I lost, but these comments definitely help take away the sting. Maybe for today this will hush those imposter syndrome voices in my head.


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