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Sinister Soup Strikes Again

Once again, Clay Vermulm from the podcast Sinister Soup, just made my day!

I'm having a hard time sleeping lately and I've been up since 12:45 this morning, so please excuse if I trail off at any moment. Anyway, at 2:30 this morning, I saw The Waves of Dissonance had a new Amazon review.

The moment any author pulls up a review, it's a bit harrowing for an instant. You never know what to expect.

When I saw the 5-stars and saw it was from Clay, I relaxed and settled in to read. The more I read, the wider my smile stretched. Now, it won't go away and I know I'll never get back to sleep!!!

I know that because I tried. Too excited! Now it's 4:30 and I need to be up in an hour, anyway. Hope I don't fall asleep today at my day job today! I know I'm bound to crash at some point. 😴

Thank you, Clay, for taking the time to write such an amazing review!

To anyone reading this, please check out the podcast, Sinister Soup, and listen to Clay at the end reading an excerpt from my novel. His Amazon review is attached here.



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