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Prequel has begun!

So excited to be starting my next novel! As the prequel to The Waves of Dissonance, it features "Grandma Pearl" as a young inventor, and shows how she created Adrays and Cis-Star Technologies. Like Waves, The Pearls of Dissonance has twists and turns, action, political intriguing, mind-control, an deceit.

The two books can be totally independent. As in, you don't need one to understand the other, but events that occur in the Prequel are hinted at (as past events) in Waves.

My official description (so far):

A young scientist invents a mind-control device only to find she is the one being manipulated.

All my chapters are now blocked out in my red notebook. Now it's time to write!! Woo hoo!!

1 Comment

Apr 20, 2021

OMG! Can't wait to read it!! OMG!!

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