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Now Available in paperback!

What's the opposite of REJECTION MUSHROOMS, you ask? How does APPROVED SUNRISES sound?

Yes!! The Waves of Dissonance is now approved and available for purchase on Amazon Prime - as paperback or eBook. I chose the minimum price allowed (to cover printing expenses and still have it available to libraries and bookstores), so my royalty is negligible. It's also available for free on Kindle (with Kindle Unlimited) or for e-purchase @ $2.99, so please purchase and help me spread the word!

I have no idea how the marketing phase works, and seriously doubt I can do this alone. Since I know no one "in the business," my marketing strategy is word of mouth. That means I need my peeps (that means you, friends and family!) to download and PLEASE SHARE! I can't do this without you! Every positive review on Amazon will earn me creds and hopefully raise my standing up from page 1,678.

Cool tidbit... Amazon chose to categorize my novel as "MIND CONTROL SCI-FI," which means I'm in with George Orwell! How cool is that?! Doing the happy dance!


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