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3rd 5-STAR Review on Amazon!

A surprise 3rd Review appeared on Amazon! Thank you, Nicole, for giving me a great 2020 review! What a nice surprise.

Three reviews may not sound like a lot to most people, but considering I'm not paying anyone for reviews, every kind word is VERY appreciated! Yes, I've learned that some people pay to have their book reviewed... sometimes by thousands of people! This 'marketing' side of the industry never ceases to amaze me. (Not always in a good way.) I've received numerous requests to hire someone to review my novel. I'm sure they are wonderful people and it's all legit and 'what's done,' but I've waited this long to get some organic responses, I can wait a little more. The ones who have contacted me to say they will review and put their review on their own blog is FANTASTIC! Still waiting to get in their queue, though. What a process!

What a day that will be when I pass someone on the beach and see them curled up reading my novel. Can't even imagine the feeling. I bet I will HAVE to approach them and say something. Sorry in advance, if it's you!

1 Yorum

24 Ara 2020

Who was your graphic artist? Such an eye catching cover just makes one want to grab the book and dig into reading....

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