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It only takes one, right?

Still waiting to hear back from one publisher I sent a Solicited manuscript. I like looking at the website showing its current status: “ACCEPTED.”

So encouraging to think there's still a possibiity it could be published! The "Accepted" noted here only means it made it past the first round, and they are now reading the whole manuscript, but it beats the heck out of "REJECTED"!

I met their deadline of 23 JAN even though I was in the middle of a frenzied retype and thought I had broken my wrist (turns out it was only sprained), so the manuscript included a bunch of typing errors. Ugh!! I explained all that when I submitted, and explained the title was also in flux. They wrote back that they appreciated me sending it by the deadline, despite my editing concerns, and said, “please don't let those or the title considerations worry you at this time. We're interested in considering the story, structure, and unique quality of the writing first. Sure hope they see potential and decide I'm worth another chance!!

Fingers crossed!!

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