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Autumn Break

A really nice person asked me this week why I haven’t been blogging. I explained I’m focused on editing the novel, trying to incorporate the great suggestions I received, but that’s only half the truth. The real answer is… I’ve been having too much fun!! Between attending high school football games, band competitions, & band concerts, going on beach trips, having house guests, visiting Mom, going to wineries, laughing over lunches (or dinners) with friends, singing Beatles songs, stealing kisses from my Hubby while he plays the guitar, and raking ‘AN ACRE OF TREES’ (or, rather, watching him rake while I sip cider back by the bonfire), there hasn’t been a lot of time this fall to write.

But today, the weather changed.

With the sleet and wind, I finally turned inside. I shrugged off the glorious days of sunshine and am now ready to hunker down and write. Yep. Today I'll post something profound. Any moment now.

Oh wait… is that my half-full wine glass sitting there? Maybe I’ll just-

wine glass at the bay.jpg

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