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4-page critique - toe hold

Woo Hoo! Another rejection!! My husband said he’s never seen someone so happy to get rejected, but here’s the reason why…

This rejection came from the publisher who recently solicited my manuscript. She responded within 11 calendar days (unbelievably fast!) and gave me a 4-page comprehensive critique!! I can’t believe she invested so much time and thought into her response! Every comment was dead-on accurate and constructive. She noted specific details about my characters and pointed out inconsistencies I can easily correct. She also delved into deeper, world-building issues, and questioned some backstory logic, which won’t be so easy to fix.

This is so exciting!

Jacki, my research-buddy, found articles in the news RIGHT NOW to support the ‘science’ in my story. We spent hours today going through the publisher’s comments, hashing out logic changes, and laying out rewrite notes. It was a long day (even for me, so I know it had to be exhausting for her!) and I really appreciate her energy and support.

I’m so re-energized to write I can hardly stand it! Woo hoo!! Here I go...

Keeping my fingers (and statue toes) crossed. :)

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