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Staying Positive

My latest submission experience was pretty cool. I researched another publisher, packaged up what they require, and hit the button. Immediately, I received a nice (albeit form-letter) response confirming receipt. Wow! That was a nice surprise. Not only that... the response included their expected response time and an email address for follow-up, in case they are late and I get anxious.

How considerate!

Sure, they may still reject my work (odds are not in my favor), but you have to admire an organization THAT professional to an absolute NOBODY like me.

Now for the other extreme: in researching for the next submission, I came across the excerpt attached. Oh well. At least they came right out and told us they won’t respond. But… of course they won’t respond… because I’m not going to submit to them. J

I’m feeling much better about it now.


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