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Happy Life

Nearly all of my hand-picked Early Readers have asked How in the world such a happy person like me could have written a novel so—(fill in the blank.) Their next words vary greatly, from ‘dark’ to ‘horrific’ to ‘brilliant’ and everything in between, and my answers probably vary accordingly. The easy answer, “When I wrote Notion Waves I was not a happy person,” isn’t the whole truth and doesn’t explain a thing, because the next book in the Notion Waves series is just as—(again, fill in the blank, according to your opinion), and because even back then I smiled a lot (it’s just what I generally do, even when life had been the most ‘challenging.’) So, I guess that’s something I’ll need to ponder.

Or not.

Actually, to me, the more interesting question, “How are you so happy?” gets the resounding answer: “Because this is the Best Day Ever!”

And the reason for that is what I want to share with you on this Lucky Post #3. It's because I am truly grateful… for my parents, my husband, my family, my friends, my being, and my country. (Not always in that order.) I have been blessed with the best husband I could have ever imagined: the most honestly good-hearted person I’ve ever met, and the handsomest! :) He is my hero in every way and was definitely worth the long wait! For my parents, who passed along the genes that gave me the advantages I have, AND for being there and teaching me about love, morals, ethics, patience, persistence, honor, forgiveness, compassion, beliefs, religion, skepticism, curiosity & kindness (aka, all the things of my Being), I thank you.

Thank you, too, for reading. I hope for all of you to Choose to be Happy. As my husband said, even this morning... "it's a choice."

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