Now Available in Stores!!

Well... it's available in one store so far! Thanks to my new friend, Beth Castelli at Coligny Hardware & Beach Supplies, anyone may now walk in and purchase my paperback novel in her store!

No delivery hassles.

No waiting for Christmas.

No WAY! This is SO COOL!

Big shout out to the nice guy (Feurell, maybe?) at our local Staples who told us about Beth. (We went to Staples to print out some Posters, and the I.T. Manager told us the on-island True Value was MORE than an ordinary hardware store. Boy, was he right! I could have spent an hour in there picking through beachy treasures and chatting with nice people.)

It was the first time I'd approached a store with the intent of asking to support my novel, so I was nervous and fidgety. Beth's big white dog, Maverick, met us at the entry and made me feel welcome right from the start. A few minutes later, Beth & I were hugging over the deal.

Beth also runs the "White dog. Trading Company," a non-profit to aid in the fight against canine cancer. Read her story at

Have said lately how much I love my new hometown? So many nice people here willing to help out a local. Thank you, Beth & Maverick!

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