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Early morning writing woes.

It's 3a.m. on a Saturday. (Sounds like a Billy Joel song, but it's only my writing woes.) Actually, it *was* 3a.m. when I got up, but now it's almost 6a.m. I'm a slow writer. (Why does that make me think of another song, Low Rider? Maybe it's sleep deprivation?) Anyway... lately I've been having a hard time getting everything accomplished on my list, so instead of laying in bed with my head whirling, I decided to get up and give my book's blurb a new spin. What do you think? I could really use some feedback, so feel free to reach out to me under the "Contact" tab.

Thirty-six years after the 2020 plague, New America is on the brink of another Civil War. Only this time, it’s a war between the sexes. And mind-control is the weapon of choice.

Kat Buford, Senator Buford’s rebellious teenage daughter, has never seen a man. Growing up in the Lytoky, an all-female society east of the Mississippi River border, she’s been taught that all men are violent and dangerous. Only, Kat knows better. She and Jordan (her male counterpart from the across the border) have been telepathically connected for years, and he is nothing like the monsters her teachers describe. Likewise Jordan, as Senator Danforth’s eldest son, has always heard that strong women are too aggressive and can’t be trusted.

Neither realizes that both societies are being manipulated by Adrays—powerful, mind-altering wavelengths meant to instill mistrust and hatred of the other.

As their parents face off in a heated political election for ultimate control of New America, Kat and Jordan set out to finally “meet” in person and to prove their parents wrong. Instead, each finds themselves fighting against their own populations’ deep-seated false beliefs, now piqued to near-frenzy. Can the teens overcome the resulting cognitive dissonance, with the help of a diverse cast of Adray-resistant characters? Or will they both be destroyed by societies brainwashed beyond the point of no return?


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